Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Skrt Skrt

Do you guys have certain playlists that remind you have driving, relaxing, partying, etc. I do all the time and the song Uber Everywhere is a song I love to play when I'm in the car. Since I sold my car when I moved out here, I only get to be driven around when my boyfriend drives, and it is an ongoing joke that when I get the aux cord that I put on Uber Everywhere.

I am a long time lover of maxi dresses; but me being 5'1 it is very hard to find one that I don't have to hem. I lucked out when I found this cut out shoulder black maxi and didn't have to touch a single thing about. I am also obsessed with pairing this Topshop belt with everything and of course adding a hat to any outfit, makes me feel complete.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free People Network

Recently I went to a networking event held in Gastown, Vancouver for Urban Outtfitters, Free People and Anthropologie. It was such a cool experience to hear all the job opportunities that were available. Free People has been one of my favourites for awhile now and I love everything about the brand. From being a free spirited girl to bohemian dream collections I can't get enough. Once I saw this dress from Free People back in the Fall of last year, I went on a hunt to find it in my size. This was when I still lived in Regina so is was not at my access to go to the store. Finally, I found it in my size and it has been a major piece in my wardrobe ever since.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gangster or Sporty Spice


When I was little spice girls was my favorite band to dance around to. I always pictured myself as Ginger or Baby spice. I thought Ginger was so much fun and always seemed so happy. Baby had blonde hair and anyone who had blonde hair was beautiful in my eyes. Thus, those were my two favorite. Sporty spice was never my top pick mainly because I was never into sports nor was I good at them. I remember making sporty spice a boy doll out of all the spice girls not sure why but, looking back on that now I have no idea why, but always think its funny.