Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gangster or Sporty Spice


When I was little spice girls was my favorite band to dance around to. I always pictured myself as Ginger or Baby spice. I thought Ginger was so much fun and always seemed so happy. Baby had blonde hair and anyone who had blonde hair was beautiful in my eyes. Thus, those were my two favorite. Sporty spice was never my top pick mainly because I was never into sports nor was I good at them. I remember making sporty spice a boy doll out of all the spice girls not sure why but, looking back on that now I have no idea why, but always think its funny. 


Betabrand has some great deals on pants and they are made for your comfort pleasure.

They have reached out to me and told me all their pants and their company which is unlike many online stores. Their fans help design the clothes as well as have the customers model their clothing.

Take a look at their site



These pants are great for work, date night or just running errands. 

Neck Scarf

The neck scarf has been trending for some time now and as I was moving I found two vintage Coach and Versace scarves. I wanted to show you two ways to style this trend. One: using the Coach scarf and Two: using the long black scarf. 

I love adding these to an outfit for a trendy touch. 

Here is a link to some: